What effect does pride have on human beings?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that pride is shown to have a very destructive element in the Trojan War.  Even if one concedes that individual ego does display some phenomenal aspects of the human condition, there is far more destruction that accompanies it than all else.  The pride of Agamemnon condemns thousands to their death on both sides. The idea of the war being fought for Greek glory/ Agamemnon's name is motivated out of individual pride.  Achilles seeks the pride of having his name live on and it ends up destroying him and the many others he kills in the process.  Even Hector's pride of Troy, which is loyalty but still proud, is what ends up dooming him, in the end.  The war itself is motivated out of the singular pride that determines the fate of thousands.  Such a statement might be how Homer sees the causation of war as being a result of human pride.  The converse is true as well in that the relinquishing of pride is associated with shame.  In the end, such social constructs end up creating personal unhappiness or death as a consequence.