Isolation In Frankenstein

What effect does isolation have on Victor and the creature in Frankenstein?

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While Victor has a family and friends that deeply care for him, Victor feels isolation which stems from his great intelligence and his curiosity about the unknown. It's this desire that causes him to further isolate himself from the people that care for him most.

Victor's journey into the unknown takes him down a dark road where he ends up creating his Monster. When Victor first sees his creation, he panics and abandons him, feeling terror and guilt for what he has done, but this abandonment instantly isolates the Creature, who has no understanding of the world around him. The more the Creature attempts to connect with those around him, the deeper he finds himself isolated from the world. Victor's isolation has now caused the Monster to also be isolated.

For Victor, the effect of isolation is madness then avoidance. He creates the Monster because he isolates himself, and must then dig deeper into isolation to evade his creation and the consequences of his actions. The effect becomes...

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