What effect does Gregor's metamorphosis ultimately have on the family? 

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Gregor's metamorphasis completely halted his ability to support his family.  As a result, they were forced to fend for themselves (so to speak).  Kafka writes that Gregor "was able to bear, and indeed bore, the expenses of the whole family.  They had just become used to it, both the family and Gregor; they gratefully took receipt of his money, which he willingly handed over." However, by the end of the story the family became aware that they were able to support themselves without Gregor's help.  Kafka writes, "Then the three of them all together left the flat, which is something they hadn't done for months, and took the tram to the park at the edge of the city."  Gregor's family is becoming self-sufficient as they realize that they are able to adjust to their new lives.  They became aware of their situation and made adjustments to make it work.