In A Separate Peace, what effect does the war have on Devon?  

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At first, Devon serves as a sort of escape from World War II for the main characters. They are too young to enlist, so they continue with their studies in relative peace. Gene looks back on an idyllic summer at Devon in which he and Phineas (Finny) became best friends. Later, of course, readers learn that Gene is possibly to blame for an incident that paralyzes Finny and strains their friendship. The following fall semester at school is more tense, and outside of Devon, the war is intensifying and growing closer, both literally and figuratively for the students. Some of the students declare that they will enlist. Wanting to escape the guilt he feels, Gene is drawn to the idea of enlisting in the war. Some of the other boys at the school also say they will enlist when they reach the minimum age. A member of Gene's social circle named Leper goes to war and then is affected by (possibly) PTSD. When Gene visits him after the war, it seems Leper has lost his mind. He seems irretrievably...

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