What effect did Napoleon have on Europe and the world?

Napoleon's conquest was largely fueled by nationalism, which was a relatively new idea that then took hold of Europe in the 1800s and contributed to late colonial efforts around the world. After Napoleon was defeated, the borders of Europe were redrawn to create a more stable balance of power. These nations shifted to more conservative governments to prevent similar revolutions and rebellion. Importantly, Napoleon's fighting with Spain and Portugal disrupted management of their colonies in the Americas, leading to many of those countries' independence. Napoleon also sold the Louisiana Territory to the US, which contributed to the country's rise to power in the Americas and the world.

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Napoleon dominated Europe from about 1800 to 1815. He was the dictator of France and conqueror of much of Europe. His years in power marked the second part of the French Revolution, which began in 1789.

The French Revolution, which resulted in the death of the French monarch and his queen, was a threat to all the kings and emperors in Europe. After 1815, the victorious powers (Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia) vainly tried to turn back time by returning Europe to its pre-1789 era. They sought to extinguish revolutions, secure monarchy everywhere, and restrain the fervent nationalism that had been unleashed by France.

Another result of the Napoleonic era is that the world became more secular. At his coronation, Napoleon snatched the crown from the pope and put it on his own head. Also, the Papal States were weakened.

Napoleon is best remembered for his extraordinary military prowess. In order to finally defeat him at Waterloo, the allied powers had to emulate Napoleon in some ways....

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