What effect did colonization have on Australia's indigenous population?

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The effect of British settlement on Australia's indigenous people was much the same as the effect of white settlement on the Native Americans.  The native population was decimated by disease and by the pressures placed on it when the colonists took the most productive lands and pushed the natives into places where it was much harder to make a living.

It is estimated that something like 90% of the native population was killed by the effects of British colonization.

In addition, the native culture has been hurt.  For example, the number of native languages is said to have declined from 300 at contact to 20 today.

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The effect of colonization on Australia's aborigines was not unlike the experience of many native peoples when European empires showed up to conquer and settle.  Aborigines were marginalized, their traditional lands shrunk to that which the settlers did not want.

Racism was typical, as even Australian history tends to neglect the presence of aborigines, or acknowledge their impact and contribution to Australian culture and society.  Diseases such as smallpox wiped out much of the population within a few years of settlement, and later policies of then Australian government included the abduction of Aborigine children to live with Australian families as servants.

Recently, a Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission was established to address such past crimes.

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