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What are the educators' responsibilities to themselves and to students with regard to the Framework for 21st Century Learning ?

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As the guidelines for Framework for 21st Century Learning were developed in 2002 through collaboration between various for-profit and not-for-profit entities, it may be necessary to first deconstruct, redefine, and apply the concept to the present. The framework addresses technology, critical thinking, and problem solving.

It may be helpful to consider the concept of  “21st Century Learning” in terms of “21st Century” technology. Current technology trends may or may not be appropriate for student learning. Further, educational practices such as differentiation must be applied to technology.  As such, educators’ responsibilities to themselves are to 1) be aware of current technology and 2) determine how and which technology is appropriate for the diverse learners in a classroom. In turn, educators’ responsibilities to students are to 1) be aware of the current technology that students use and 2) determine how that technology aligns and engages the curriculum for which students are responsible.
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