What educational policy has Mr. Florian, the headmaster, established at Greenslade Secondary School?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Florian has adopted a point of view that is progressive in assessing the needs of his students at the school.  He has recognized that these students, what we now would call "at- risk students," are not going to find success or immediately respond to the traditional notions of instruction.  The policy that Florian has established in his own mind and in what he would like Braithwaite to embrace is a differentiate form of instruction in which every student finds meaning through instruction in a manner that appeals to their own sensibilities.  Florian's love of the children is one in which he recognizes that a Constructivist philosophy, whereby learners are able to construct their own meaning through content and interaction with instruction, creates a more relevant learning experience.  His approach is a student- centered one, focusing on the needs of the children, over that of external conditions or methodologies.  This policy is something that proves challenging to Braithwaite, but as the narrative develops, proves to be the only way in which learning is meaningful for the students at the school.