What is the education of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird? Please give me a lot of information.It's for an essay and I need a lot of information. Thanks.

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There are several ways to look at your question concerning "education." Scout gets her schooling at the local elementary school, where her two teachers--Miss Caroline and Miss Gates--receive mixed reviews at best. Miss Caroline immediately dismisses Scout's advanced skills and reduces her to merely tolerating the rest of the first grade. Miss Gates, the second grade teacher, fairs only slightly better, and Scout learns that she cannot be trusted. Scout gets schooled at home as well: She and Atticus read together each night, and Calpurnia has already taught her how to write cursive.

But Scout gets an education from others as well. She learns to think sensibly from Miss Maudie, and she comes to learn that most of Miss Stephanie's gossip is not true. She learns about the outside world from Dill, and she learns about how a lady should act from Aunt Alexandra. From Boo, Tom and Dolphus Raymond, Scout learns that things are not always what they seem; meanwhile, Bob Ewell teaches her that true evil exists in man.

However, Scout gets most of her education from Atticus. In his down to earth manner, he teaches her about honesty, humility and tolerance. She learns the truth about the Finch family history, the Radleys, and Maycomb in general. She slowly comes to understand that he is one of Maycomb's most important assets and how one man can make a difference even when it seems least likely.  

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