What are some important aspects of Edie's personality in Alice Munro's "How I Met My Husband"?

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Alice Munro's "How I Met My Husband", like much of Munro's work, is set in the Canadian prairie, with much of the action occurring in a farmhouse five miles outside town. It is the story of the coming of age of Edie, the narrator. We hear her adult voice, reflecting back on how she met her husband, but also get views inside the mind of her younger self.

The younger Edie is naive and optimistic. She is a farm girl and high school dropout working for an upper middle class professional family as a maid. She is also strikingly attractive. Despite a certain lack of sophistication, she is fundamentally honest and perceptive, with a pragmatic view of romance and of aspirational goals. Although she enjoys her brief romantic interlude with Chris, and spends several weeks haunting the mailbox in hopes of a letter, when asked out by the mail carrier, she agrees, and after two years of steady dating, marries him. Her main approach to life is that one should not waste one's life “waiting by mailboxes for one letter or another” but rather move on, taking actual opportunities rather than pining over lost causes. This combination of pragmatism and guarded optimism leads to a happy marriage.

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