What does Ed mean when he says "I'm the message"?

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After the ace of hearts, Ed believes himself to be finished with the deck. However, a surprise waits for him in the form of a joker with 26 Shipping Street written on it—Ed’s own address. Dumbfounded, Ed waits for the challenge to reveal itself.

After meeting with a man in a business suit who shows up at his door and tells him to make his way to the cemetery, Ed finds Daryl and Keith waiting at his father’s grave. The two men give him no answers, but tell him to wait longer.

Days later, a man steps into his cab, takes off his cap, and reveals himself to be the failed bank robber. The man directs him to all of the addresses at which he had fulfilled a message and tells him to look into a mirror, directing him to what he had said at the trial:

“Remember what I’m telling you. Remember it every day when you look in the mirror.” He almost smiles. “A dead man.”

Six months later, the bank...

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