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The term ecosystem refers to living things as well as the environment they live in. In an ecosystem, the most important component is a source of energy, which is usually sunlight. This allow for the producers or plants to capture energy via photosynthesis and manufacture organic compounds like glucose for others to consume. The producers, consumers and decomposers are all vital to an ecosystem and comprise the biotic or living components. The non-living components or abiotic factors are also necessary and include--water, minerals, temperature, soil, gases--anything that makes up the physical surroundings. An ecosystem can be as small as a puddle or as large as a forest!

bebars | Student

an ecosystem refers to an environment in which all the living organisms in this environment interact with each other and their surrounding in many ways. for instance; an ecosystem of a forest: all living organisms there (plants kingdom,animals kingdom,microbes) interact with each other and their surrounding they have a food chain in which they derive their nutrition from each other and they depend on the climatic conditions of their habitat to survive they are also adapted to live in this habitatĀ and there is something else to note living organisms can not survive in isolationĀ 

user9844511 | Student

the system of organisms together with their nin-living environment is called an ecosystem

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