What is the ecosystem structure of the Amazon rainforest?

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The ecosystem structure of the Amazon rainforest is that of a tropical rainforest.  A tropical rainforest gets a huge abundance of rainfall per year, so there is much moisture to feed the preponderance of vegetation that grows there.  The soil is rich in decaying organic matter, which feeds and recycles nutrients into growing vegetation.  The geographical location provides more direct sunlight in this location per year, which is another essential requirement for the establishment and flourishing of native vegetation.  The Amazon rainforest represents over one-half the worlds existing rainforests.  This one rainforest spreads over most of the countries on the South American continent: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venzuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, French Guyana, and Suriname.  The animal species located within this type of biome is the most diverse on Earth, due to the tremendous amount of vegetation available to take advantage of.