What are the economic and political reasons why kenilworth castle is built where it is?Important reasons please. Thank you for your answer. It will be appreciated.

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Kenilworth Castle was a Norman Castle, like so many within became famous in later Elizabethan times as the venue for a visit by Elizabeth to her favourite Robert Dudley, it was originally a fortress intended to cement Norman control over the Saxons.It was built 50 years after the invasion when Norman control was well entrenched. Economically the Warwickshire area was important as it is situated in the heartland of England and having roads passing through that link the central area of England to Wales and the North. Economically as well the farming area of Warwickshire is a prosperous one with good soil and pasture land (as opposed to the more mountainous areas of Cumbria or the remoteness of Northumbria. The castle announced a Norman presence in the Warwickshire area and was developed by later monarchs such as King John because of its continuing strategic importance in the region.


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