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Economic personalism is a fairly obscure field of social sciences.  It is one which seeks to blend together the ideas of economics and of theology.  The purpose of economic personalism is to try to understand the moral implications of various kinds of economic activity.  Although this could be done from any perspective, scholars of economic personalism that I am aware of use Christian theology and moral precepts in analyzing the morality of economic activity.

This field of study argues that economic activity is a major sphere of human life.  Therefore, they say, our economic activities are important parts of our moral lives.  This means that it is important to evaluate the morality of various kinds of economic activities and economic systems.  This is the task of economic personalism.

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"Economic Personalism" is a FraudThe Solution to Capitalism

by Louise and Mark Zwick

You don't have to be a genius to realize the failure of Marxism. Even before 1989 one could have realized that Marxist regimes were not built on Marxist ideologies and theory, but were built on the rather strange foundation of tens of millions of bodies of the proletariat who disagreed with the regime.

The foundation of the Marxist governments of Russia and China was two cemeteries.

Dorothy Day left the left. She realized as a young woman that the world's economic problems were not solved by socialism and Communism. She resigned from the left because of its lack of profundity after her World War I experience with socialists. (See Anne Klejment and Nancy Roberts, eds., American Catholic Pacifism, Praeger, 1996). Several years later, at the age of 30, she became Catholic, only to discover the papal encyclicals and personalism. Dorothy Day was influenced by great thinkers like Peter Maurin, Father Virgil Michel, O.S.B., Emmanuel Mounier, Leo XIII and Pius XI.

Early editions of The Catholic Worker are full of references to the popes and their writings.

Dorothy was neither a socialist nor a capitalist. She was a Christian personalist like the present pope. Dorothy made clear her goal in starting the newspaper in its first editorial: "In an attempt to popularize and make known the encyclicals of the popes and the program offered by the Church for the constructing of a social order, this news sheet was started."


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