What economic effect did the French and Indian War have in the colonies? 

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The French and Indian War impacted the colonies economically. As a result of the war, the British were able to expand their influence in the Ohio Valley. This meant the British would profit even more from the lucrative fur trade now that France had left the area.

The French and Indian War also impacted the colonies in a negative economic manner. As the British Empire grew, it became more expensive to run the colonies. The Native Americans were a threat to the colonies. Thus, the British needed to spend more money on protecting them. As a result, the British believed the colonists should share in some of the cost of running the colonies because the colonists were benefitting from some of the actions of the British. As a result, new taxes laws were passed to raise revenue for the British. The British passed a law requiring the colonists to provide housing for some of the soldiers who were protecting them. The colonists resisted these tax laws because they had no voice in their passage. Eventually, these disputes grew more serious, leading to more events that eventually led to the Revolutionary War.