What are the ecological roles of fungi in nature and economic important uses to human?

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Fungi play many roles in nature. One is that of a decomposer. Mold, mildew and mushrooms grow on dead organic matter and are able to obtain nutrients while breaking down the organic matter which helps to recycle their components back to the environment. Economically, fungi can be used in the process of fermentation to produce beer and wine--specifically with the fungi Yeast. Yeast can also be used to make bread dough rise and are thus important fungi in the baking industry. Athlete's foot fungi and Yeast infection as well as ringworm are all economically important because drug companies sell many drugs to combat these fungal infections annually. Fungi like mushrooms are an important staple in many recipes and dishes. Therefore, they are an important part of the food chain for organisms like humans and others. Some fungi are used in the production of cheese.