What is Eckles's reaction to the Tyrannosaurus?

Expert Answers
teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Eckels initially brushes off the idea that the Tyrannosaurus rex could panic him, when he sees it in all its huge immensity, he is badly frightened. It is so tall he thinks it could eat the moon. He believes it will be impossible to shoot and kill it. His rifle suddenly seems like a toy cap gun. He tells the others they were all fools to come. When the creature lunges at them at high speed with a terrible scream, Eckel goes numb with panic. He fears dying, so he does what he was strictly forbidden to do: unable to think clearly, he steps off the path and heads, "not knowing it," into the prehistoric jungle to get away from the dinosaur. This moment of benumbed fright has dire consequences for human history, as it changes the future.