What does each member of Gregor's family urge him to do?  

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In the story “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, each member of Gregor’s family urged him to get out of bed and open his door on the morning of Gregor’s transformation. Because his family does not yet realize that Gregor has been transformed into a bug, they all urge him to get out of bed. However, they all seem to have different approaches.

For example, his mother gently reminds Gregor of the time to encourage him. As shown in the story:

“Gregor,’ a voice called (it was his mother!) ‘it’s quarter to seven. Don’t you want to be on your way?’ The soft voice!”

On the other hand, his father uses a more abrasive and stubborn tone while beseeching Gregor to get out of bed. He continues to call out Gregor’s name and refuses to give up.  As the story illustrates:

“‘Gregor, Gregor,’ he called out, ‘what’s going on?’ And after a short while he urged him on again in a deeper voice. ‘Gregor!’ Gregor!’”

Lastly, his sister also comes to urge Gregor to get up. However, her turn is much more gentle. She also seems to be concerned about his well-being and what has caused him not to get up already. As the story shows:

"At the other side door, however, his sister knocked lightly. ‘Gregor? Are you all right? Do you need anything?’"

Thus, all of his family members urge him to get out of bed and come out of his room. However, they all seem to have different methods and motivations for their requests, which is shown in how they ask their questions.

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