What are the dystopian elements in the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card?

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There are many aspects to the larger society found in Ender’s Game that strike us as unpleasant, bizarre, or even horrifying. However, not all of these can be considered “dystopian,” that is, resulting from a poorly functioning society. For example, Ender's older brother, Peter, is clearly a sociopath, as can be seen in his frequent death threats against Ender and Valentine and his torture of small animals in the woods. However, that is not necessarily the result of the society as a whole.

That said, there are many more problems that can be traced directly to a society that is formed in large part by the state of perpetual war against the “Buggers.” As is often the case with societies faced with a dangerous external threat, the government has become more authoritarian, with a great trust and power placed in the hands of the International Fleet. Space and supplies are rationed, leading to the restriction to two children per family by the world government. Indeed, the only reason...

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