Cognitive Psychology

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What is the duration and capacity of sensory, short-term, and working memories?  

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The Modal Model of the Mind was proposed by a number of psychologists (Atkinson & Shiffrin, 1968; Waugh & Norman, 1965) in order to explain how our brain stores information. The model proposes three different "storage units" where information is sent, processed, and kept. Each of these "storage units" are different in terms of their capacity and their function throughout the process. The process of memory storage is dependent on what are known as "control" processes (opposite of variable) that include a) the senses, b) how the information is put in (input), c) level of attention, d) MRE (maintenance rehearsal encoding), and e) the final retrieval.

The first type of memory is the echoic, or sensory memory . This is basically what you first hear during input. According to Atkinson & Shiffrin (1968) the duration of this type of memory, which is the shortest, is about 4-10 seconds. If the input is given in a manner...

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