What is the durability of a mitral valve repair?

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dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The durability and longevity of a mitral/bicuspid valve or any other heart valve repair is excellent. Modern advances in surgical technique and materials utilized during such heart valve repairs have given the patient very long standing results. I agree with the above statistics so I will not repeat them. It is not uncommon for a repaired or replaced heart valve to last in excess of 15-20 years. The biggest concern with a procedure of this magnitude is the potential for postoperative infection and postoperative thrombus formation at the valve leaflets. This is why perioperative antibiotic therapy as well as perioperative anti coagulant therapy is prescribed.

mitral16 | Student

After mitral valve repair, 95% of patients are free of reoperation at 10 years, and this statistic is similar at 20 years. Thus, reoperation is uncommon after a successful mitral valve repair. An echocardiogram is recommended annually to assess valve function. In addition, patients who had valve surgery must take steps to prevent infection and reduce the risk of endocarditis (an infection of the valve).


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