Analyze the focus of Driving Miss Daisy.

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Uhry's play is about the conditions that might threaten friendship and transcendent quality that can exist between people that overcome these temporal realities.  The focus of the drama exists between the friendship between Hoke and Daisy.  The focus of Driving Miss Daisyis how their friendship can develop despite social differences.  The exploration of this friendship becomes the focus of the drama.  When Daisy tells Hoke that he is her best friend, it represents the driving force of the drama.  The entire drama revolves around the development of this friendship.  Over time and despite the conditions of age on the individual, their friendship is present.  It is this friendship that becomes the important element of the play.  The theme of friendship is where the issue of racial and socio- cultural differences becomes evident.  Through this exploration, the play's meaning is evident. The ideas of how people change as they become older and how society can be a force that inspires individuals to act opposite from it is seen in the emerging friendship and solidarity between both Daisy and Hoke.  The interlocking dynamic of independence and dependence within both represents the central purpose of the drama.  It is in this where the focus of the drama is the development of the friendship between both main characters.

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