What dramatic techniques does Sophocles employ in Oedipus the King?

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In his great tragedy, Oedipus Rex, Sophocles employs the dramatic techniques of foreshadowing, symbolism and irony. In form, he also employs the Chorus for various purposes.


While there are several occurrences of foreshadowing, one striking example occurs when Oedipus tells Creon who returns from the oracle at Apollo,

For whoever he was who killed that man
would as soon kill me with that same violent hand.
Helping that one, therefore, I am helping myself. (ll.150-152)

Another example of foreshadowing occurs when Oedipus declares that he will punish the man who is responsible for the plague in Thebes:

I ban this man, whoever he is, from all land
over which I hold power and the throne.
I decree that no one shall receive him....
but instead that everyone must expel him
from their homes, as this man is the source
of our pollution, as the oracle. (ll.240-248)


While the seer Tieresias is physically blind, Oedipus is symbolically blind. For instance, Oedipus says that he could not fail "to see...

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