What dramatic techniques does Shakespeare use in Twelfth Night?

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Before you can answer this, you must know what the term "dramatic techniques" encompasses. Dramatic techniques are tools the playwright uses to create theatrical, dramatic effects in a theater performance that can be uniquely applied to theater or to a play cinematographically rendered as a movie. Some of these dramatic techniques are:

  • soliloquy
  • aside
  • speech directions [except for [Reads] [Song] [Sings], speech directions are not given in Twelfth Night because emotive affect is manifest in Shakespeare's language]
  • stage directions [e.g., "Enter VALENTINE and VIOLA in man's attire"]
  • off-stage [i.e., action or speech occurring off-stage]
  • music
  • song
  • dance
  • entrances and exists [e.g., entrance of a key group or at a key moment: I.iii Enter SIR TOBY BELCH and MARIA]
  • speech length [affects tension, suspense, pace]
  • set and set changes e.g., Orsino 's...

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