what is the dramatic significance of the opening scene(act 1 scene1) of as you like it?  in what ways does the opening scene(act 1 scene1) strike the keynote of the whole play

praveenm | Student
  • This scene sets the tone of the play .
  • It provides necessary background with the introduction of enemity between the two pairs of brothers----Orlando and Oliver , Duke Senior and Duke Fedrick.
  •  This scene sets the tone of the play and forms a background for the later developments of the play.
  • This scene introduces two central characters --Orlando and Oliver and two less important characters --Adam and Charles.
  • A mention is also made in this scene about some other important characters such as Rosalind,Celia and Duke Fedrick.
  • This scene also gives the character sketch of many characters.
  • This scene talks about the breakdown of the values that govern brotherhood,love,kinship and family.
  • Points the corruption in courtly life.


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