What does Dr. Reynolds do for a living?

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In Tony Hillerman's 1973 novel Dance Hall of the Dead, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police investigate the disappearance of two young boys, one a Navajo and the other a Zuni. Interwoven into the story is factual information about Zuni and Navajo history, as well as traditions and non-Native intrusions into them.  

Dr. Chester Reynolds is an anthropology professor who has identified Folsom and Paleo-Indian cultural sites. He is advising his graduate assistant, Ted Isaacs, who is leading an archaeological dig at one of the sites. Dr. Reynolds, however, has been "salting" the excavation sites with artifacts, unknown to Isaacs. Dr. Reynolds eventually resorts to a double murder, killing both George Bowlegs and Ernesto Cata to cover up his malfeasance at the dig sites.

Ultimately, Dr. Reynolds becomes a missing person case, though it is strongly implied that he has been killed because of his capital crimes as well as his cultural desecration.

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