What are Dr. Manette's "reiterated instructions" to Charles in preparation for the trial?A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Charles Darnay arrives in France, he is amazed at the changes that have taken place since his departure.  As he travels toward Paris, the atmosphere heats up and many angry revolutionaries call out to him, "You are a cursed emigrant."  Charles learns that two new decrees affect the French emigrants:  There property can be seized and they can be banished, and if they return, they can be executed.  As he nears Paris, Darnay is given escort and, shortly, arrested and taken prisoner.

After Dr. Manette, who is recognized by the revolutionary court as “a notable sufferer under the overthrown system” is allowed to enter a plea before “the lawless court” to free Charles Darnay, the court refuses but Dr. Manette is allowed to remain nearthe prison to assure that Darnay is safe. Using his influence as the Bastille prisoner, Dr. Manette becomes the inspecting physician in La Force. In this way, he is able to see Darnay on a regular basis, an arrangement that comforts Lucie.

As the trial day approaches, Manette instructs Darnay how to conduct himself during his questioning.  Because of the new decrees about emigrants, it is of paramount importance that Darnay stress the fact that he is not an emigrant; instead, he must clarify the point that he has voluntarily relinquished his title because it hs been "distasteful" to him and explain that he receives no revenue from the Evremonde estate, but, instead, "lives by his own industry" in England.

To further emphasize that he truly loves France, Darnay is instructed by Dr. Manette to mention that he has married Lucie Manette, who is, of course, French.  In addition, Darnay is to mention that his motives for returning to France have been to save a citizen's life by bearing witness to the truth of his testimony.

At his trial, Dr. Manette and Theophile Gabelle are witnesses to the proof of his declarations.  After Dr. Manette testifies on Darnay's behalf and calls upon Jarvis Lorry to corroborate his testimony, the voices cry in favor of the prisoner, and Darnay is declared free.

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