The Grave Questions and Answers
by Katherine Anne Porter

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What do you think it is the main theme of "The Grave" and why?

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In Katherine Anne Porter's short story, "The Grave," I believe the main theme would reflect the story's title.

The story's plot revolves around the grave of the Miranda and Paul's grandfather (and other relatives), that has been moved, and the property where it rested has been sold.

Miranda, nine, and her brother Paul, twelve, find the open graves while out hunting, and with innocence, jump in to explore.  Each finds something of interest: a silver dove and a gold ring. They trade their "treasures," and continue hunting .

When Miranda places the gold ring on her finger and looks at the boyish clothes she wears, she has a sudden urge to dress more like a girl, wearing a dress.  In that moment she begins to become aware of her femininity.

Meanwhile, Paul has shot a rabbit.  After he skins it, they realize it was pregnant.  Opening the flesh that has held the unborn animals, they are both saddened and awed, and decide to tell no one.  However, as Miranda looks at the...

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