what is the dot diagram for po3-3 compound and the molecular geometry and the electron geometry

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PO3^-3 is also called a phosphite ion. In order to draw its electron dot structure first we need to get the total number of valence electrons.

P = 5

O = 6 x 3

e = 3 (negative charges add to the number of electrons)


total of 26 electrons

Next we connect the atoms with P being the central atom.


O - P - O



And then we supply the remaining electrons around the atoms.

  ..    ..   ..

: O - P - O :

  ''    |    ''

     : O :


Double check the electrons assigned if it is similar with the total number of electrons counted earlier. (One bond corresponds to 2 electrons.)

The electron geometry is tetrahedral and the molecular geometry is a trigonal pyramidal. 


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