What is the dominant trait of each character and what behavior contradicts the trait in:: Heathcliff, Lockwood, Hareton, Mrs Heathcliff

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In the novel 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte, the main trait of the character called Lockwood is curiosity. Of course, being the speaker or narrator, he represents us - the readers - with this trait. The reason for the author's presenting of him as being curious, is that she wants us to be curious enough to finish reading the story to see what happens/happened. Emily Bronte succeeds in this ambition with very many readers - Lockwood's curiosity is our curiosity and we find the novel compelling and gripping. He questions Nellie Dean on our behalf, and finds out the things we all want to know and would probably ask if we were there. However, 'curiosity killed the cat, and information made him fat' - and what he hears is a not very pleasant stroy!

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