What were the domestic policies put in place during World War II?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were several domestic policies put in place during World War II. We needed to respond to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our government was ready to act.

We need to get our industries geared up for the war. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation helped provide loans to businesses. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation also helped businesses convert from peacetime production to wartime production. Businesses were guaranteed a profit with the establishment of the cost-plus contract. The War Production Board set production priorities and production goals. The Office of War Mobilization settled disputes between agencies.

Our people made sacrifices also. The passage of the Selective Service and Training Act allowed for the drafting of soldiers in 1940. Prices were controlled, and some products were rationed. The Office of Price Administration controlled prices of non-farm products while the Office of Economic Stabilization controlled farm prices. The War Labor Board mediated disputes between workers and business owners in order to prevent strikes. People were encouraged to grow Victory Gardens, buy Liberty Bonds, and be careful to whom they spoke about the war. Women went to work in the defense factories. Japanese-Americans were forced to relocate to internment camps because the government considered them a threat to our security.

There were many government policies that impacted people who stayed in the United States and didn’t fight in the war.