What domestic and foreign problems existed when George Washington became president?

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Let's start with foreign problems....by separating from Britain, America had broken away from her largest trade partner.  America had to reconcile enough to sign a trade agreement with Britain that would not be too punitive, as colonial industrial output was still quite low.  Also, Britain still controlled forts in the Northwest Territory around the Great Lakes and often armed natives to attack American settlements there.  The French Revolution severely changed the government of America's first ally and America could not help France in its ensuing war with Britain.  Spain controlled the mouth of the Mississippi River, thus lowering the value of Western lands.  Domestically, there was the issue of paying the former Continental Army as the American dollar was nearly worthless.  There were still arguments of states' rights and certain areas of the country such as the Northeast even voiced opinions in favor of secession.  There was even dissent in Washington's own Cabinet, as Jefferson and Hamilton ultimately would not get along.  

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