What is doing research in general, its method, analysis and conclusion?in context with literary field (in literature)

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The essence of research in the field of literature concerns study of a particular work.  Depending on the topic, this can take many forms.  Perhaps, it can be to analyze a particular theme or idea that might be present in the work.  This would involve analyzing what others have said or indicated on the topic and relating it to the work, in general.  The basis of all research involves studying what others have said about a particular topic and then injecting your analysis into this discourse.  Research is contingent on surveying and study as wide of a selection of sources as possible and presenting their analysis in an open and ethical manner.  Another component of research is documenting your findings in a very lucid and transparent manner.  The elements of study, investigation, and validity in findings all represent critically important aspects of research.

mzakir | Student

doing research in general is nothing but finding out and verifying the search previously done,by going through the same method, analysis or by different method, analysis, to get the result that is conclusion which may be near to previous one or may be new one.