What is the dog's name in Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, author Judy Blume craftily foreshadows that the annoying two-year-old boy nicknamed Fudge will do something mischievous to the new pet turtle belonging to his older brother Peter, the protagonist of the story. Peter had won the tiny turtle he named Dribble as a prize at a birthday party. He was so thrilled to finally have a pet of his own and very concerned Fudge would do something to Dribble. The rest of the novel details all of Fudge's antics and his brother's difficulties in having to deal with him. By the final chapter of the novel, it is finally revealed what mischievous deed Fudge had planned for Dribble; in addition, a surprise ending is also revealed to the reader.

Peter comes home from school to find Dribble missing and Fudge standing near the dresser where Peter displayed Dribble. When Peter asks Fudge where Dribble is, Fudge points to his tummy and announces, "I ATE HIM!" His mother immediately rushes Fudge to the emergency room. Peter is crushed to learn that there is no hope for Dribble--he will be digested by Fudge. His mother tells him he can get a new turtle, but Peter had bonded with Dribble; all he wants is Dribble back. To make matters worse, Fudge is showered with gifts by both parents when Fudge comes home from the hospital the next morning. Hence, Peter is taken by surprise when his father comes home from work one day and hands Peter a box. Peter reaches his hand inside the box and "[feels] something warm and soft and furry" and immediately realizes it is a puppy. In honor of Dribble, Peter names his new pet puppy Turtle.

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