What does Zakaria mean by the “rise of the rest" in The Post-American World?

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Fareed Zakaria associates “the rise of the rest” (which is the name of the introductory chapter of his book) with six basic trends that he describes:

1) “The third great power shift of the modern era” (p. 2). As Zakaria explains, the first power shift was the rise of the Western world of European powers; this rise became especially dramatic from the late eighteenth century onward. The second was the rise of the United States as a dominant world power from the late nineteenth through the mid-twentieth century. By “the third power shift,” Zakaria means the ability of other countries from various world regions to equal or overtake the US as global leaders.

2) The rapid economic growth of many countries, especially in Asia, but also in Africa and Latin America, and the relative decline of poverty.

3) The emergence of a genuinely interdependent and participatory international system that allows many countries to play an active role in world affairs.

4) The global spread of symbols of...

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