What does WPA mean?

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The initials WPA stand for "Works Progress Administration."  The WPA was a program started up by Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of his "New Deal" to try to end the Great Depression.

The WPA was meant to do that by providing jobs for unemployed Americans.  The WPA workers were to go out and build various things that would be useful in the long run, like bridges, gymnasiums, libraries, etc.  You can still see the initials engraved on many of the things they built even today.

The government paid these workers and thereby kept them in work and gave them money to spend to help revitalize the US economy.

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The WPA (Works Progress Administration), passed in 1935, its purpose was recovery. It put men to work on jobs of public usefulness. It was the Federal Government’s most ambitious undertaking yet to provide employment for the jobless. The WPA eventually employed approximately one-third of the nation’s 10,000,000 unemployed, paying them about $50.00 a month.The program highlighted the production of works of art rather than art education, and it was the first art project ever sponsored by the Federal Government. The contribution from the Federal Government expanded and redefined their role. The government was attempting to put money back into the economy in the form of wages for the unemployed.  The Federal government purpose transformed into the one that gives its suffering people a helping hand. 

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