What does the word romantic connote in The Romantic Revival?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Romantic Revival was a reaction against the ideas and motifs embraced by the Neo-Classical movement. This period really begins when Coleridge and Wordsworth joint publish Lyrical Ballads.  The notion of 'Romantic' literature really suggests an intense return to feeling, emotion, imagination, and subjective thinking.  Romantic literature, and especially poetry when you look at Coleridge and Wordsworth, focuses on the beauty of the natural world; the romantic poets embraced nature in their writing, perceiving it as being innocent and free of pretense.  

So, to sum it all up in to one neat package, when you see the word 'Romantic' applied to literature, you should think of: imagination, emotion, subjectivity, nature, and humanism (showing a love for mankind).  Romanticism rejects: industrialization, emphasis on logic and reason over emotions or feelings, urbanism, and other neo-classical values.

salimj | Student

The term 'romantic' denotes the Romanticism that has taken place long bank. Romantic revival is the revival of this movement in English Literature. Romantic revival out witted the Neo Classicist idea of giving importance to the kings and queens and Lords and Ladies intern they focused on the ordinary like a daffodil, solitary reaper etc. In this context romantic can be explained as NATURE.

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