What does the word "fraps" mean?This word is in one of my songs and it says, "serving up fraps until she can't take anymore."

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This lyric is from a song made popular by the Backstreet Boys.  "One In A Million" is the title to the long and the first stanza says:

"She wakes up with the sun
She throws on her clothes
Hoping her car will start
The second time around
The day has begun
The line's out the door
Serving up fraps
Until she can't take anymore
I see it in her broken smile
Oh why"

The word "frap" is an abbreviation for Frappe.  This is a coffee drink served in many coffee houses and places like Starbucks.  The woman in the song is obviously working in a coffee shop and the morning shift has people in line waiting for their drinks.  She is making "Frappe" or "fraps" for the people who are ordering the drinks.

Frappe is nothing more than coffee or espresso mixed with sugar, and some cold water.  The mixture is shaken until it produces a foam.  The mixture is then poured over ice.  Hope this helps.

melissa1106 | Student

Frap is an abbreviation for the word frappucino. It is also known in some places as a frappe. It is a blended coffee drink with crushed ice. It comes in a variety of  many flavors and is sold at most coffee places including Starbucks and dunkin donuts.