A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

by William Law
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What does William Law say about Christian life in each chapter?

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In "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life", William Law instructs Christians on how they should conduct themselves. In Chapter 1, Mr. Law urges Christians to devote themselves to god in everything they do, not just in prayer.

Chapter 2 urges men and women to abstain from swearing and other pleasures that do not Glorify God i.e. pride or dressing up to impress others.

In Chapter 3, Law urges Christians to reevaluate their lives and correct all shortcomings without prioritizing one command over another.

He appears to warn Christians against hypocrisy.

Chapters 4-10 advise Christians on matters concerning daily activities, work, leisure, wealth, and retirement. Each activity is to be judged on how it honors God; Law implies that how life is lived is more important than public pronouncements.

Chapters 11-13 defend Law's assertion that following god's will in all life matters is the best way to ensure that humans have happy, fulfilling lives.

Law urges Christians to have a devout spirit in their daily habits and in our attitude before addressing the nature of prayer in Chapters 15 through 24

Law believes that prayer is the highest way to honor God and instructs Christians on the correct way to pray.

Chapters 17-23 emphasize the importance of humility, the dangers of worldly education as youths, and how to pray in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Law also explains why such prayer is necessary.

In the last chapter of his work, Law reminds the reader of the importance of devotion as practiced through prayer and a life whose activities are devoted to God. Law concludes that the attainment of Christian perfection is the goal of all life activities even if a Christian does not choose the ultimate forms of service-- "... Voluntary poverty, virginity, and devout retirement."

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