How do fishermen benefit from the wetlands?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fishermen, especially coastal fishermen, benefit from wetlands in many ways. First, the wetlands are integral to the ecosystems that fishermen depend on to make a living. Many of the species that fishermen harvest use the wetlands for spawning, and spend their larval stage in wetlands before going out to the open sea when they mature. Even those species who do not grow up in wetlands often feed on those that do, including many crustaceans and smaller species of fish. In fact, many species that fishermen harvest, including shrimp, flounder, and a number of others make the tidal creeks that flow through wetlands their homes. Wetlands also perform many other valuable functions for fishermen. They help to "filter" sediments and pollutants from streams that empty into oceans. They also ameliorate the effects of coastal flooding, helping to maintain balance within ecosystems (as well as protecting the coastal areas that fishermen call home.) In short, healthy wetlands are absolutely essential to coastal, and even, in many cases, open-sea fishing. This is as true of commercial fishing as recreational, and in many ways is also true of freshwater fishing too.

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