What does Waverly's mother give her for good luck?

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This is a good question. Here is the context. 

Waverly's mom has been teaching Waverly about the art of invisible strength. This was to win respect and arguments. When Waverly began to play chess, she used this art of invisible strength to win chess games. 

When Waverly started entering tournaments and winning, Waverly mother's got into it. At first, she was hesitant, but when Waverly excelled and gained recognition, Waverly mother was excited. There was a sense of motherly pride.  Before one tournament, she placed something in Waverly's pocket - a red jade tablet. She said that this red jade held the sun's fire, and that this jade will bring good luck. Waverly had it in her pocket, and she won. Here is the quote:

It was her chang, a small tablet of red jade which held the sun's fire. "Is luck," she whispered, and tucked it into my dress pocket.

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