What does water represent in Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water?

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In Green Grass, Running Water, as the title implies, water is one of the most central motifs at play. Water is presented in the work as a symbol of new life and cycles returning to the beginning. It is a central motif in the creation stories, and the narrator almost always without exception references it as the foundation for a new creation.

Interestingly enough, the return to the water element is not only a Native American motif, but it is a Christian one as well. The narrator uses water as a symbol of calm, creation, and forgiveness of past mistakes in a way that transcends cultures. This implies that no matter how bad things get, there will always be a return to the calm and purifying state of water. This idea of return maintains a sense of hopefulness throughout the work.

In Green Grass, Running Water, Thomas King uses the recurring motif of water to subvert stereotypes about Native Americans. Water symbolizes different things in the diverse narrative strands; for example, water...

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