What does Vera learn about Mr. Nuttel before she begins her story?

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Frampton Nuttel is in the country visiting people that he never met as a remedy for his nervous condition.  When he arrives at the Sappleton home, he is greeted by Vera, Mrs. Sappleton's niece. 

The only thing that Vera finds out about Mr. Nuttel is how many people he knows in the area.  She asks him if he is familiar with the area, because she would not be able to tell her tall tale if Mr. Nuttel was familiar with the area in the country and its inhabitants.

Once Vera is told that Mr. Nuttel does not know anyone in the country, but has come by way of his sister who is an acquaintance of her aunt's, Vera then goes into the story about her Uncles being lost in the bog.

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She learns that he has been sent to the country in order to rest from a nervous condition. He has a letter of introduction to Vera's aunt, whom he has never met. This allows Vera to tell Nuttel whatever she wants about the family and since "romance at a short notice" was her speciality, she made up a big lie about the loss of her aunt's husband.

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