In Ender's Game, what does Valentine publish that night on the net and why?

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This incident occurs at the end of Chapter Nine, after Valentine is informed that she has received the Star of the Order of the League of Humanity, First Class, for helping to persuade Ender to continue in his training so he can defeat the buggers. Valentine feels that this is a reward for 'selling out' her brother, and as a response, for Ender, she publishes that night a denunciation of the population limitation laws that only allows families to have a limited number of children. Because Ender had to bear the stigma of being a Third, she, to assuage her sense of guilt, argues that being a Third is a badge of honour. Note what she writes:

'The most noble title any child can have,' Demosthenes wrote, 'is Third.'

Thus this article is published for Ender as an act of love by his sister Valentine after having encouraged Ender to continue on his training.

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