What does Usher have to do with Justin Biebers life?im not a fan of justin bieber,just need to know a bit more about usher

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I can’t believe I’m actually answering this question, but here it goes . .

Justin Bieber was discovered accidentally when producer Scooter Braun clicked on his Youtube video. Impressed, he convinced Biebers mother to let her son fly to Atlanta in order to record demo tapes. While in Atlanta, Braun introduced Bieber to Usher, who agreed to sign Bieber to a management agency he co-owned with Braun. Usher apparently fought a bidding war with Justin Timberlake who was also interested in signing Bieber. Usher encouraged Bieber to move to Atlanta temporarily while they recorded him and while they searched for a music label to sign him to. He was eventually picked up by Def Jam. So it would seem that Usher had much to do getting the young star early exposure and representation.