Explain what  Twelve Angry Men has to say about justice for the individual.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rose's work argues that the most basic benchmark of our system of justice is ensuring a sense of fairness within the law for the individual.  Justice is defined as an ability to ensure that all individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  In the end, the play shows and highlights this theme.  While some of the jurors are either unfit for service, or prove to have their own subjective experience blind them from such a reality, the play does show that all jurors have to work together to ensure that the due process of the individual is fully grasped and understood.  In this light, justice is something that has to be pursued, as individual temperament and disposition might subvert it.  Justice cannot be something that is openly and easily accepted, or taken for granted.  Instead, it is something to be embraced carefully and done so with a disposition that protects the idea that the individual is entitled to fairness within the law.