What does the ''touch-me-not-appearance'' of the cottage mean in "Tuck Everlasting"?It is from the book Tuck Everlasting

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The Tuck's cottage is a small, plain little cottage that is very disorderly and homey. The cottage is symbolic of the Tucks -- they are very laid back people, with dusty rooms, piles of stuff laying around the house, disorganized and mismatched furniture, and colorful bits of sewing lying around. And while the Tucks are laid back and disorganized, very plain, down-home kind of people, they are also really interesting and different from anything Winnie has ever seen. She is used to order, a way that things are supposed to be, and the Tucks defy that order. They live in a different manner, come from a different social class, and even defy the natural order of things. And they are not concerned with neatness and with appearances, they are only concerned with living the best life they can live and making the most out of life. Winnie learns this lesson while staying with them. She begins to discover what is important, living and experiencing life, and not worrying about living an orderly life that is stilted and suffocating.