What does Torvald’s comment regarding the paper flowers Nora has made for last year’s tree reveal about his character in A Doll's House? Explain your answer.

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In act 1, Torvald and Nora are discussing Christmas, and Torvald mentions how good it feels to be financially stable and secure. Torvald then brings up the previous Christmas and asks Nora if she remembers spending three weeks shut up in her room preparing ornaments for the Christmas tree. According to Torvald, Nora's preparations were a complete waste of time, and he tells her that it was the "dullest" three weeks he's ever spent. Nora disagrees with her husband's assessment by remarking that she did not find it dull. Torvald responds by teasing Nora about the way the cat ruined all of her ornaments and calls his wife a "poor little girl." Torvald proceeds to say that Nora had the best intentions in mind, but he refuses to be "dull and alone" this Christmas while she works on the homemade ornaments.

Torvald's comments regarding the paper ornaments depict his insensitive, insulting nature. Torvald does not hesitate to bring up a sore subject and laughs at Nora's expense. Torvald's comments also reveal his selfish, supercilious attitude. He believes that Nora's primary job in life is to keep him entertained and resents her for making him feel "dull" while she spent time preparing the Christmas tree. Torvald objectifies his wife, belittles Nora's interests, and makes fun of her shortcomings, which emphasizes his insensitive, selfish personality.

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