What does The Ramayana reveal about Lakshmana’s character?

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Throughout the Ramayana, Lakshmana is portrayed as dutiful, loyal, humble, and dignified. He is loyal above all else to Rama, his half brother. He even states that this loyalty is simply a matter of being the younger brother, but it clearly stems from something deeper than this. Lakshmana proves his devotion to Rama by leaving his family to accompany and protect Rama during his long exile. He further shows his dedication by not sleeping the entire time so as to be a better guard and protector for Rama and Sita.

Lakshmana also embodies the notions of virtue and modesty. During the fourteen years of exile, Lakshmana never once looked at another woman's face. This includes his sister-in-law Sita, whose ankles he could recognize anywhere, but whose face was unknown to him.

After the exile, we see how humble Lakshmana really is. Rama, upon being raised to the position of king offers to make Lakshmana his prince. Lakshmana, however, declines stating that Bharata is more deserving of the...

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